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Dr. Terry C. Pierce

VIDEO: Business Innovation

Business Innovation Factory
lecture 4 (BIF-4) in Providence, Rhode Island
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Dr. Pierce speaking in Rhode Island

Feature in Monument Living

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Without Warning is featured in the August 2020 edition of Colorado's own Monument Living Magazine! Charlie Searle's "Community Corner" showcases local talent - and evokes community pride. You can find more on Monument Living on their Facebook page.

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Kirkus Reviews “Without Warning”

Pierce begins this detailed work on June 27, 1863. It is the middle of the Civil War, and President Abraham Lincoln and his team in the White House want a change. The Rebels have invaded Pennsylvania. A wrong decision could very well lead to an attack on the nation’s capital. A messenger is dispatched to the front lines to tell Gen. George Meade that he is the new head of the Army of the Potomac. Meade is a West Point graduate and career soldier, though he has some doubts that he is the right one to command so many men. He lacks the charisma of more well-liked generals and is known for his hot temper. But orders are orders. Meade is soon at the helm of what will be remembered as the bloodiest engagement of the Civil War... Continue Reading on "Kirkus Reviews" website »

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July Special on eBook Edition!

Get 50% off the eBook edition for the Month of July! Love reading books on your e-reader?  Through our partnership with Smashwords, you can get 50% off the eBook edition of Without Warning: The Saga of Gettysburg, a Reluctant Union Hero, and the Men He Inspired – that's $5 instead of $10! Downloadable formats include EPUB (for Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Google e-reader devices) and mobi (for Amazon Kindle). Begin YOUR reading adventure into the Battle of Gettysburg! Offer valid July 1 - 31, 2020. Order Your Ebook Today!

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Without Warning Is Now Available!

Without Warning is the story of willing and reluctant heroes, bravery and betrayal, character and commitment, uncomfortable truths and popular lies. It is the story of the Battle of Gettysburg, the bloodiest battle of the Civil War and the battle that turned the tide in favor of the North. Some of the stories are well known, others not so well, and together they shed a brighter light on this moment in history. For three days, hellish fire-and-brimstone clouds engulfed Gettysburg. After the bellowing muzzles and battery smoke had curled away into the bruised skies and the dreadful shrieking and frightful howling had ebbed, the Army of the Potomac stood, ragged but victorious. This great and startling victory breathed new life into the Union cause. This story is about these victors, the bond between leaders and those they led, and the uncommon courage, camaraderie, and sacrifice that achieved this incredible triumph. [...]

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